TomTom makes unique offer to English Football Fans for World Cup


TomTom is offering a free satellite navigation system to customers if England win the World Cup Final.

It might seem like a long shot but the offer is open to anyone who purchases a GO550, GO750 and GO950 in the run-up to the tournament.

The football promotion is running for an eight-week period from April 15 to June 8, 2010 – a few days before the tournament starts.

South African maps are also available to download from costing £39.95 including detail needed to navigate the event, such as road closures around major matches, stadium entrance gates, ‘Fan Park’ points and drop-off areas.

The map also includes the 3-D display of more than 50 landmarks including Loftus Versveld, Coca-Cola Park (Ellis Park) and Soccer City.

TomTom says the top-of-the-range GOX50 devices deliver an ultimate navigation package in today’s market, including TomTom’s HD Traffic.

TomTom HD Traffic gives drivers the fastest way around the traffic in their own country and abroad, with the most detailed and up-to-date traffic information for their route. It gives them wide, detailed and most traffic coverage so they arrive on time and stress free.

The TomTom GO LIVE devices also provide information on the location of both fixed and mobile speed cameras.

The device uses routing technology, like IQ Routes, so drivers get the knowledge of millions in their route to get to their destination quickly. It also comes with hands-free calling, so drivers can make and answer phone calls safely while driving.

Damian Woodward, VP sales and marketing at TomTom said: “If England wins, participating fans will have even more reason to celebrate as they will essentially get our best device for free. We’re tapping into the excitement that this tournament typically generates, providing fans with a unique way to show faith in their team.”

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