Vodafone 360 Services Include Location Content Powered by Tele Atlas


Barcelona, Mobile World Congress, 16 February 2010

Tele Atlas, the world leader in high quality digital maps and dynamic content, announced today that Vodafone Group, the world’s leading international mobile telecommunications company, has deployed Tele Atlas maps and location content in the recently launched Vodafone 360 – a suite of innovative internet services for the mobile and PC. Vodafone also uses Tele Atlas digital maps and location-based content across its global footprint for the company’s location-based services (LBS) and navigation offerings.

With Vodafone 360, all of a customer’s contacts, social network status updates and messaging services are brought together in one place, enhancing their experience and use of social media on their mobile device or PC. Vodafone 360 customers can also share their photos, favorite music and their physical location, how and when they choose, with the contacts in their integrated address book. In addition to these location-enabled mobile social networking and services, Vodafone 360 customers have access to Tele Atlas’ global digital map content and products, including millions of points of interest (POIs) and 2D City Maps, which provide maps that more closely reflect their surroundings.

Powered by Tele Atlas maps, Vodafone 360 “Maps and Places” features enable customers to:

• Navigate with turn-by-turn maps and voice guidance;

• Connect with friends on maps and share their locations with each other in real time so users can see each other on the map;

• Tag the location of favorite places and share with connected friends; and

• Send their location to other friends with an address and map link.

“Powerful, accurate location content and maps are a pivotal component to delivering a rich mobile experience and Tele Atlas maps enable Vodafone to deliver the high quality services and navigation that our customers demand,” said Tommy Ahlers, CEO of Location Services, Vodafone Group. “With Vodafone 360, our customers have a truly integrated mobile internet experience that gathers all their contacts and content, and enables much of it with great location information.”

“The Vodafone 360 service successfully merges the user’s world with location services to create a truly dynamic mobile experience,” said Peter van der Fluit, Tele Atlas Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Tele Atlas’ global map and content expertise, combined with Vodafone’s industry leadership and vision, creates the ideal partnership to deliver rich, connected offerings across the broadest global footprint.”

Vodafone 360 featuring Tele Atlas maps is available in Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the UK.

About Tele Atlas

Tele Atlas delivers the digital maps and dynamic content that power many of the world’s most essential navigation and location-based services (LBS). Through a combination of its own products and partnerships, Tele Atlas offers map coverage of more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. The company was founded in 1984 and has offices in 27 countries around the world. Today, Tele Atlas maps are developed with the insight of a community of millions of GPS system users worldwide, who are adding to the company’s unmatched network of sources to track and validate changes in real time, and deliver the best digital maps and dynamic content. For more information, visit www.teleatlas.com  or http://investors.tomtom.com/index.cfm .Tele Atlas is a subsidiary of TomTom N.V. (AEX: TOM2).