TomTom helps spectators navigate to the Winter Olympics


Can GPS navigation devices help sport spectators to arrive alive at sports stadiums in foreign countries? I have come across an interesting story on SPORTStechy about the Winter Olympics and how the mapping software of TomTom is assisting thousands of spectators. I would like to qioute from this story:

“For those of us who live in the Metro Vancouver area, Olympics-related road closures are just part of the inconveniences we have to put up with being in the hosted city/region. That’s on top of the usual chaos resulting from accidents like on or in the bridges and the one tunnel that connect the sprawling cities with the key outlying transportation hubs e.g. Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and BC Ferries at Horseshoe Bay and Tsawwassen, and with the U.S. border.

Fortunately there is a tool, dressed for a limited time in our patriotic red-and-white colours (no misprint, that’s how we spell it) that can help us and those visiting to get to where we and they need to go and that’s the TomTom EASE. The TomTom EASE, TomTom’s newest entry-level car navigation solution that was introduced at CES (News – Alert) 2010, combines even greater ease-of-use with quality navigation at a very affordable price – making it the ideal gift (and ‘presouvenir’) for drivers everywhere. That includes in the Greater Toronto Area that even on a good day motoring is nightmarish (I used to live in Ontario and loathed having to drive or through Toronto).

The TomTom (News – Alert) EASE features a sleek, light-weight design and integrated EasyPort mount, making it the most compact TomTom device available. Drivers can easily fit the entire device and attached mount into a pocket, purse or small glove compartment. The unit has an improved user interface which offers a simple two-icon touchscreen menu that provides quick access to search tools so that users can get started on their destination even faster.

TomTom’s proprietary IQ Routes™ Technology enables users to always drive the smartest and most efficient routes, whenever or wherever they go. IQ Routes Technology calculates routes based on historical speed measurements for every time of day and for every road segment, from large highways to small local roads. Additionally, with TomTom Map Share™, users can modify their own maps and benefit from other verified changes.

Recent quality tests show that the Tele Atlas (News – Alert) maps of Canada that come pre-installed in the red and white TomTom EASE product rate highest in terms of quality and reliability, reports the company. In every market tested in Canada, including Vancouver, the Tele Atlas maps rate highest for having the most addresses, the most POIs and the most accurate routes. Tele Atlas quality testing uses a process certified by the TÜV SÜD, a leading global testing and inspection organization with 14,000 experts providing consulting, testing, certification and training services at more than 600 locations in Europe, North America and Asia.

(Here’s some general traffic hints for Vancouver from/to south of the city: avoid taking the Massey Tunnel on Highway 99 inbound from mid afternoon and outbound in the morning weekday rush as the tunnel takes one lane and makes it contraflow. Take Highway 91 and the Alex Fraser Bridge instead. The backups going into Vancouver and towards YVR can be horrendous as the traffic from the ferries i.e. Highway 17 merges with Highway 99 at the tunnel. Also, use the Highway 15-truck crossing for the U.S. instead of Highway 99/Peace Arch. There is a connecting road, 8th Avenue, linking Highway 99 with Highway 15 just north of the border.)

TomTom EASE is designed with safety features so that drivers always have direct access to extensive safety and roadside assistance information wherever they go. The extensive ‘Help Me!’ Menu includes information such as the way to the nearest car repair station or hospital.

“What better way to show Canadian pride this February in Vancouver than by using the red and white TomTom EASE,” said Spike Bloom, vice president retail sales for TomTom Inc. “Besides being easy to use, The TomTom EASE provides the most intelligent routes and the highest quality maps available in Canada.”

[Brendan B. Read is TMCnet’s Senior Contributing Editor. Edited by Marisa Torrieri]

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