Do you consider buying a GPS device as a gift this festive season?


Despite tough economic times consumers will still go the extra yard to buy gifts for family and friends! We can expect that the focus this festive season might be less on expensive gifts and more on practical gifts to be used daily!

Perhaps one of the best gifts to show that a person cares is a GPS device. This gift is both perfectly “timed” for the festive season and meets the requirements of care.

We often find that family members and friends start a new career in a foreign location shortly after the festive season or start their studies in our big cities. With the high crime stats in our cities, the risk of getting lost is a very real risk – something that a GPS device could help avoid! A GPS gift shows that you care for the safety of another and is something that the recipient can use every day!

But what do I need to consider when buying a GPS device?

On the Arrive Alive website we have included a section titled “GPS Navigation Technology and Buying a GPS Device”. This is a comprehensive guide that will help the consumer to buy the device to meet his needs, whilst also keeping him safe on the roads!

We would like to wish all our visitors a safe, blessed and enjoyable festive season!!