What do I need to know when buying a GPS device?











Walking into any of the well known retail stores we find a wide variety of GPS devices. Navigation manufacturers are flooding the market with offerings and “bargains”. They differentiate their products through adding and improving features. Increased competition means that GPS devices are cheaper than ever but also do more than ever. It is expected that some high-end features will continue to trickle down to lower-cost devices.

The offering includes big and small, expensive and less expensive! But what do I look for and which questions should I ask the salesperson? I do not wish to ask if the GPS is “nice” or whether it would “get me from A to B”!!… I wish to appear at least mildly interesting and a bit more knowledgeable….

On the Arrive Alive website we have added information to assist our prospective buyers of GPS devices. We would like to advise the prospective buyer do some research before making his/her purchase. Ask not only the salesperson, but also other users driving with the device you might be interested in!

This section on the Arrive Alive road safety website will assist the potential buyer to know more about these devices and the features that he/ she needs to consider:

GPS Navigation Technology and Buying a GPS Device