Follow the GPS directions with an eye on the road!

We often find that people who end up in a ditch or river will claim that they have followed the directions given by their GPS device! In Poland the Polish police officials recently revealed that a Polish driver who was too sure of his GPS road navigation device ended up neck-deep in a lake after ignoring road signs warning of a dead-end ahead.

“The man took a road that was closed a year ago when the area was flooded to make an artificial lake serving as a water reservoir – he ignored three road signs warning of a dead-end,” Piotr Smolen, police spokesperson in Glubczyce, southern Poland, told AFP.

“It was still night time and he didn’t notice the road led into the lake. His GPS told him to drive straight ahead and he did,” Smolen said, adding the driver had not been under the influence of alcohol. The road ran straight downhill into the lake. The Mercedes mini-van was nearly entirely submerged and was unable to back out after being inundated with water.

The biggest threat to the user of a GPS device remains that of human error! Always use your common sense and follow the Rules of the Road – which will mean obeying traffic signs! Also be alert to any distractions and be alert at all times!

The driver needs to be aware of changes in road conditions and always remember that he – and not the device – is in control of the vehicle!!

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