Fuel economy and safety brought to you by Tracker Business in partnership with TomTom

The new TomTom LINK 510 vehicle tracking device helps businesses to contain the rising cost of fuel. The LINK 510 offers greater control over driving efficiency for every car, van or truck by monitoring driver performance, as well as the vehicle’s position and movement.

Fleet owners and commercial vehicle transport companies can use the Link 510 to report fuel consumption, over-revving and fuel levels by utilising a truck’s standard Fleet Management System (FMS) interface. This allows detection of fuel drops and refills and triggers automatic notifications to help managers detect incidences of fuel theft, which has become a growing concern for businesses across the world.

Tracker Business, the sole distributor of TomTom Business in Southern Africa, offers fleet management technology to help manage the risk of scarce resources such as fuel, human capital, time and money more effectively.

“The latest LINK device, developed by our partners, TomTom Business Solutions, highlights our commitment to constant innovation, providing easily implemented products which offer a significant boost to businesses’ bottom line. We provide solutions to help fleet owners Track their drivers and their vehicles, Control their expenses and maximise their profits,” says Michael Van Wyngaardt, Tracker Business Director.

He further said, “The soaring cost of fuel has made it the number one concern for many fleet operators and the LINK 510 builds on Tracker Business and TomTom’s existing product portfolio to give fleet operators even greater power to improve efficiency, monitor driver behaviour and deliver cost savings. We believe that every company that uses vehicles for business will become more profitable by putting the LINK 510 at the heart of their vehicles.”

The slimline device can be quickly installed into any vehicle and works alongside Tracker Business and TomTom’s online fleet management system WEBFLEET® to provide detailed reports on all aspects of vehicle utilization and driver behaviour and has a proven track record in delivering businesses significant efficiency gains and increased billable time of their mobile workforce. Used with a PRO navigation device* it also offers job dispatch, ETA communication and working time management functionality.

Custom features to enhance security and remote vehicle monitoring are made available through integration with the digital inputs and output of the LINK 510.

“Tracker Business is proud to partner with TomTom to bring the best and most efficient solutions to our customers,” concludes Van Wyngaardt.