Be Guided by Star Wars voices on your TomTom

Today is apparently known in some circles “Star Wars Day” (May the 4th be with you….get it?) and to celebrate the occasion, TomTom has introduced some new additions to its lineup of celebrity GPS voices.

Starting today, motorists in the United Kingdom can purchase the soothing voice of Darth Vader to add to their GPS systems. Among the samples on TomTom’s web site: “Left turn ahead. Then go around the roundabout. The circle is now complete. Sith exit.” Ah, Dark Side humor.

Star Wars fans can expect further releases of C-3PO in June, Yoda in July, and Han Solo in August. According to the press release, U.S. fans can apparently download Vader for $12.95, but TomTom’s site doesn’t show the option of paying with American currency. Maybe that’s just as well. Imagine C3PO’s approach to navigating Boston’s city streets. Like that didn’t frustrate you enough already.

[Info from Eric Wilbur,]