Does your GPS talk to you?


I have come across the above cartoon and could not resist referring to one of the advantages of the GPS device….the Advantage of getting the correct mapping information from a reliable source! There are few things more annoying than the “back-seat driver” who gives the wrong directions or who directs you whilst not being confident that you are heading in the right direction!

The modern GPS device offers many useful features, including turn-by-turn directions. These directions prompt you visually and with spoken instructions regarding when to turn right, when to turn left, and when to get on or off a freeway, from starting point to final destination. Today, most GPS units offer text-to-speech functionality, which means that they pronounce street names for you. (For example, instead of telling you only to turn left in 500 feet, the device will instruct you to turn left in 500 feet onto Elm Street.) Text-to-speech used to be a high-end feature, but today it’s more common on low-cost devices.

We have added information on most of the GPS features on the Arrive Alive website in a section titled “GPS Navigation Technology and Buying a GPS Device”

I would like to quote a section from this page:

Additional Features of the GPS device

The modern more expensive Vehicle Navigation Devices might offer many additional features. These extra functions can make your life much safer, but do you need them? We will provide a brief overview of some of these features:

  •  Bluetooth: Many high-end (and even some midrange) GPS devices come with support for Bluetooth. This allows you to pair your GPS device with a compatible cell phone and make hands-free calls using the GPS’s speaker.
  • Music and video players: You won’t be watching videos while driving, but you might want to listen to some tunes. Many high-end GPS devices will play back music stored on a removable card or offer an MP3 player, an iPod connection etc. They may also show photos.
  • FM transmitter: Some GPS devices include an FM transmitter that allows you to reroute all of the audio–including the spoken directions and any music you instruct the device to play–to your car stereo.
  • Internet connectivity: This feature is still rare on GPS devices, but it can be convenient. It allows you to send addresses to your GPS device via the Web and helps you find information specific to your location, such as gas prices.
  • Some of the latest devices have features like historical traffic data and the ability for users to modify maps that add some local intelligence.
  • Voice command is a worthwhile feature that enables you to navigate on the run, allowing you to enter an address or ask for a gas station, restaurant, hospital, or location from the POI menu

View the Arrive Alive website for more info about unique GPS features.