Do you know the GPS system before you buy?


Do you do your research before buying a GPS or do you simply rely on the “expertise” of the salesperson at a specific store? How much does that person know about the specific GPS devices on show and is that person equipped with the “know how” to provide advice to the potential buyer?

I have done quite a bit of research on GPS devices when adding content on “buying a GPS” to the Arrive Alive website – and I still don’t know enough to regard myself as an expert to provide the advice to customers at a shop. I can provide feedback on my own personal experience of my GPS device – but very limited feedback on other models and manufacturers.

I have recently done an interesting test in a local shopping mall where 3 shops offered a range of GPS devices. I played dumb and merely asked some of the following questions:

• Which GPS device do you recommend?
• Why would you recommend this?
• What is the difference between the GPS from this manufacturer and that manufacturer?

The responses were rather alarming and I was amazed to find comments such as:

“The people say this one is more difficult to operate…”
“They are basically all the same …the one is like a Mercedes and the other a Toyota…”
“The systems are basically all the same with different branding on the outside…”

It appears that the salespeople on whose knowledge we might rely have not received sufficient training about the product and had no personal experience with the product. They did not know where the maps came from or how the maps can be updated. The one salesman offered the GPS device manufactured for a motorbike and the other said that there is no Bluetooth compatibility whilst the product box clearly illustrated this….

But how we can protect ourselves?

Best advice is to do some research. Read about the products on the internet and magazines. Talk to friends and GPS owners – but better still – ask them to borrow their GPS for a day and navigate with this GPS. You will then buy a GPS device that you are comfortable with and satisfies your specific needs!

I f you are looking for a few pointers, few:

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