TomTom unveils the latest maps including IQ Routes™ technology

Johannesburg – 3 June, 2010 – TomTom, the world’s leading portable navigation solutions provider, today announces the availability of IQ Routes™ technology and advanced lane guidance in South Africa. TomTom’s smart routing technologies allow for more precise route calculation and travel times and provide even clearer route guidance on route.

“With the introduction of IQ Routes™ technology in South Africa, we continue to expand our innovative offering to improve the navigation experience for users”, says Joost Jetten, Vice President Sales Sub Sahara Africa. “Everyone knows that the traffic through the Gilloolys Interchange on a Sunday afternoon is different to traffic on Monday morning and this is exactly what has now been taken into account. IQ Routes™ delivers what we call ‘intelligent routing’ – an even smarter and more efficient way of planning your daily route.”

So what is IQ Routes™ technology exactly?

TomTom’s IQ Routes is the world’s only fact-based routing system. It determines a route based on actual speeds on roads, rather than the sign-posted speed limits. IQ Routes takes all factors into account that may influence the time it takes drivers to get to their destination, such as traffic lights, roundabouts and speed bumps. The device then selects the route that takes the least time. Based on European experience we see a 35% change in routing compared to the standard routing algorithm”, says Jetten.

Advanced lane guidance (ALG):

The realistic representation of the jam-packed N1 highway in Johannesburg on the screen, including clear arrows indicating the lane direction, provides drivers with timely instructions to take the correct lane ensuring that drivers always feel safe and confident on the road. With static images of road signs, in the same colour as the ones displayed on the road, drivers have an even better overview of their surroundings.

Together with IQ Routes and advanced lane guidance, TomTom’s latest maps also include additional Points of Interest (POI). The 2010 FIFA World Cup™ has created an unbelievable hype in and around South African city centre’s and across the Globe. As football fans flock into the country, traffic is bound to increase on a massive scale, as fans and foreigners travel between stadiums and popular local attractions on a daily basis. TomTom customers can easily get the most accurate and reliable maps with the latest map release, including additional POI’s, park and ride destinations as well as pick up and drop off zones for all the World Cup Soccer stadiums.

“TomTom’s complete map package, high quality Tele Atlas maps installed on all products, quarterly map updates, latest map guarantee, Map Update Service and Map Share™, means that we are able to provide our customers with the most up to date maps in the industry”, says Jetten.

Availability and pricing:

Every TomTom device comes with the latest map guarantee, therefore within 30 days of purchase TomTom users will be able to download the latest map once for free, including all the new features, from TomTom’s map shop. The new map will cost approximately R500.00, subject to the exchange rate.