You can get the maps of Zimbabwe on your TomTom


Please can you help me I am in Zimbabwe. How can I get the Zimbabwean map onto my TomTom GPS. Please help me”


There are two maps which cover the country

Southern Africa v8.65 (100mb) and Africa v8.65 (150mb)

The coverage of Zimbabwe is Connector Roads and also Detailed street network in major cities.

You can purchase the maps via the TomTom HOME application once it is installed on a computer and linked to an account on our servers.

You can download HOME here

The download size may be quite large if attempted over a 3G connection, and should really be attempted over an ADSL connection or a leased line.



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  1. I wish to Register my lodge and campsites. at Beit Bridge on the Limpopo river on the Zimbabwean side. Thanks

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