Perhaps you should not put your GPS away!!

Earlier today I received an accident report from our road safety emergency response partner ER24 about the accident in the above photo. A bakkie carrying 16 occupants rolled on the N1 south just before the Beyers Naude drive exit.

When paramedics arrived at the scene, the bakkie was lying on its right hand side, and was extensively damaged in the front. Most of the people inside the bakkie at the time of the accident had been ejected as the vehicle had overturned. The patients were quickly assessed, and it was determined that they had all sustained moderate to serious injuries including multiple broken bones. Four patients needed advanced life support treatment.

The bakkie was towing an enclosed trailer which contained security dogs. Although they were shaken, they were fortunately left uninjured and were taken from the scene by a private vehicle. It appeared that the rear right wheel of the trailer had broken off during the accident.

I could not resist the title of this blog post having noticed the billboard next to the road. The message is one from Absa Home loans to homeowners telling them that the financial adviser will see them at their homes or places of employment  – and that they don’t need the GPS to find the advisor!

I am pleased to say that TomTom is a partner in the development of the road safety portal.

To view the very important relationship between Road Safety and GPS technology view:

GPS Technology and Road Safety