51% of French drivers have a GPS navigation device.

According to a recent study performed by TNS Sofres for TomTom, 51% of French drivers have a GPS navigation device. Among these owners 74 percent have a portable unit (PND), 21 percent have an in-dash system and 6 percent have a smartphone solution.

This study is yet another testimonial on how heavy penetrated are Western European markets, which explains the slowdown of PND sales in the last 18 months.

TNS also asked French drivers their feeling about real-time traffic information, the feature that could likely push these existing consumers to buy a new device. Indeed, the study shows that French driver spend 19 percent of their daily driving (9 minutes out of 48 minutes on average) in traffic jams.

To receive correct information about traffic jams 31 percent of French consumers consider GPS Navigation with real-time traffic data very efficient, and 49% somewhat efficient. In comparison radio, TV and Internet reports fare lower: 20% very efficient, 54% somewhat efficient.

Navigation systems owners also tend to give a better rating in terms of the efficiency of GPS-enabled traffic data than non GPS owners.

[Info from GPS Business News]