TomTom teams up with the Fuelcard People

Telematics provider TomTom Business Solutions has joined forces with The Fuelcard People (TFP) to offer customers of both firms a way of boosting efficiency and saving fuel.

Called Smart Fuel Saving, the move sees TomTom offer its customers discounted access to TFP’s services and vice-versa.

Steve Clarke, MD of TFP, says that his firm had been looking for a partner in the telematics arena for some time and it was through a mutual customer that the firm discovered that TomTom was looking for a fuel card business to work with.

“Once we got talking, we realised the potential synergies between us very quickly,” he says.

Irvin Gray, marketing manager at TomTom, adds: “Saving fuel is a massive issue in the industry and a significant amount can be saved just by better routeing.”

One feature offered by the new partnership is a facility in the TomTom system that routes a vehicle to the nearest filling station that accepts whichever fuel card the operator uses.

TomTom also offers a suite of applications that allows a van operator to identify less fuel efficient driving from staff, plus live traffic information and other tracking features.

Gray adds: “Traffic is a pain for everyone, but in business if you are not moving on the road then you are not working.

“As a fleet manager we now offer a way of saving money at the pump as well as through being more efficient.”

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