TomTom releases the Go 650 Live in South Africa

snipimage161TomTom has released the Go 650 Live traffic-enabled personal navigation device. The new model is the second in its line-up of live offerings.

Earlier this week, TomTom’s Joost Jetten, VP of sales in Sub-Saharan Africa, shared the company’s vision to reduce the amount of time drivers spend in their vehicles.

Research by the company indicates 10% of drivers using traffic-avoidance technology in their navigation solutions would lead to a collective effort. In this scenario, all drivers on the road will be able to enjoy 5% shorter journey times.

One of the ways in which TomTom aims to achieve its goal is by making traffic-connected devices more accessible. To that end, the Go 650 Live is cheaper than the traffic model TomTom launched its service with, the Go 750 Live.

The new model costs R2 499 and the price includes a one-year subscription to the traffic service. Annual renewal for the service is R499.

Garmin also offers traffic-enabled devices in SA. Its system works using a separate traffic receiver that can be retrofitted to some of its existing devices.

The cheapest Garmin to which a traffic receiver can be fitted is the nĂ¼vi 1200, at a cost of approximately R1 200. A traffic receiver bundle, which includes a year’s subscription to the service, costs R949. Yearly subscriptions cost R299.

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