Let TomTom LIVE help you to avoid World Cup Traffic Congestion and bad weather!!


WC 2010 has already started, big traffic jam in Sandton……Now also weather report on your route and information on blocked areas during world cup in the whole of South Africa on your G0750 live.

South Africa, Johannesburg – June 9, 2010 – On the 3rd of June TomTom, leading provider of navigation solutions and digital maps, announced the availability of its unique LIVE services offering in South Africa. In addition to this TomTom has successfully deployed the weather conditions feature onto their server, providing users with weather condition details that will automatically appear on your TomTom GO LIVE 750 device.

Furthermore, not only will you receive the latest traffic information, with TomTom’s new LIVE services, but all roadblocks near any stadium over the World Cup period will be sent to your device. “TomTom, through its LIVE services offering, hopes to help unsure fans get to their soccer matches as timely as possible. I very fortunately managed to miss a three hour delay on my way to a recent rugby match, thanks to my GO750 LIVE device”, says Joost Jetten, Vice President Sales Sub Sahara Africa. If you have not purchased a GO750 LIVE device yet, then visit the following link to identify where all the roadblocks are www.tomtom.co.za.

Availability and pricing:
The TomTom GO 750 LIVE, including a 1 year LIVE Services subscription for free, will be available from all retail stores nationwide, retailing at R3 299.00. The LIVE Services subscription will cost R499.00 for the second year.


Photo By Chris Botha Netcare 911 9 June 2000
Photo By Chris Botha Netcare 911 9 June 2000

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