TomTom GPS now shows the way in Mexico

mexico In a few months from now the South African Football Team will play the opening match of the 2010 Football World Cup against Mexico. These countries now also have something in common –both can enjoy the ease of GPS navigation provided by leading GPS Provider TomTom. We would like to share the media release on the availability of TomTom in Mexico:

Las Vegas, NV. — At CES, TomTom announced the availability of the TomTom GO 630, XL 330S and ONE 130 in Mexico.

With a lower end product offering, consumers in Mexico can now benefit from TomTom’s unique features, acclaimed ease-of-use and superior routing. Devices in Mexico come with one year of map updates, so users always have the latest Tele Atlas map.

“With the introduction of these new products, consumers in Mexico can join the 30 million users worldwide who already enjoy the unparalleled navigation experience TomTom provides,” said Elias Kabeche, TomTom’s Regional Director, Latin America. “We are happy to offer a variety of products to cater to individual preference and need. All TomTom customers will benefit from unique TomTom features, such as Map Share and ‘Help Me!’, regardless of which product they choose.”

The GO 630, XL 330S and ONE 130 incorporate several key navigation features:

•Map Coverage – The devices come pre-installed with the most up-to-date maps of Mexico and the US. TomTom products feature maps from Tele Atlas, which in recent certified tests rated highest for quality and reliability. The maps cover hundreds of thousands of miles of roadways in Mexico’s top cities, including Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Puebla, and popular vacation spots such as Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. The maps also include more than 100,000 Points of Interest.

•TomTom Map Share is a unique map improvement technology that enables users to easily and instantly improve maps directly on their device. Map Share users can also receive map improvements made by the TomTom community via TomTom HOME, TomTom’s free desktop software application, so their TomTom devices always has the most-up-to-date maps available.

•‘Help Me!’ Safety Menu – TomTom’s exclusive ‘Help Me!’ feature gives TomTom users direct access to safety and emergency service information. The extensive ‘Help Me!’ menu includes information such as breakdown service numbers and directions to the nearest car repair service or hospital. Other safety features include automatic re-routing, timed driving breaks and menu accessibility options.

•Spoken Street Names – TomTom XL 330S users can benefit from turn-by-turn spoken street names. Instead of saying “turn right in 200 meters” the device will say “turn right on Reforma street in 600 feet.” This feature makes it even easier for drivers to keep their eyes on the road while navigating through busy traffic and convoluted roadways.

•Hands-free Calling – TomTom GO 630 users can benefit from enhanced hands-free calling via Bluetooth. This allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while making phone calls in the car.
All TomTom devices also include preloaded Points of Interest (POIs), such as gas stations, restaurants and hotels.

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