GPS coordinates for World Cup 2010 Football Stadiums


As we approach the 2010 World Cup it is most important from a road safety viewpoint that we enable our visitors to plan their trip and their travels to South Africa. We have recently provided information on the need to address the uncertainty around changing place names and how this could threaten the ability of football supporters.

With the kind assistance of TomTom we would like to share the above GPS coordinates of Football Stadiums for the 2010 World Cup! This will provide the exact destination for millios of football supporters during the World Cup.

We would also like to invite our visitors to visit the Online Route Planner made available from the Arrive Alive road safety website!

We would like to invite all our football supporters and visitors to view the safety guide before they travel to the game:

Road Safety during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa

Spectator Survival Guide for Safety of the Road to the Sports Stadium