Think safety when buying the GPS gift!!


Buying a GPS device is an excellent option if you really care for the other party! The best about it is that if can be bought for a parent, child, spouse or even a friend and the underlying message would be clear – I care for your safety!

But why do we say that this is the perfect “caring gift”?

On the Arrive Alive website we found information about GPS and road safety, and would like to quote from the benefits of GPS for road users:

• The use of a satellite navigation system improves driver behaviour in unknown areas, heightens alertness and reduces stress levels.
• An international study revealed that the use of a GPS device reduces the amount of miles driven by 16 percent and reduces travel time in an unknown area by 18 percent. GPS systems assist motorists to in identifying the location of features on, near, or adjacent to the road networks.
• These include service stations, maintenance and emergency services and supplies, entry and exit ramps, damage to the road system, etc.
• Motorists are alerted through a constantly updated database of accident blackspots, primary school zones, safety camera locations and other hazardous stretches of road.
• New developments include research to provide warnings to drivers of potential critical situations, such as traffic violations or crashes.
• GPS speed camera detectors help motorists drive within the local speed limits, ensuring safer and worry- free motoring.
• The use of a navigation system increases driver awareness and reduces stress
• Before setting out, the motorists adds his destination address on the system’s in-dash touch pad, and within seconds, arrows on the moving map and a kindly woman’s voice guide you on your way. Most systems even enable you to specify the easiest, quickest or most scenic route.
• Motorists also receive information on the current speed, average speed, maximum speed reached and estimated time to reach the destination.
• Real time traffic information is available and not dependent on road or weather conditions

May we always consider these benefits when buying that GPS device – and find the product that meets these needs!!

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